The Confusion Experiment
A 2020 Winter Solstice Special

A 2020 Winter Solstice Special

December 21, 2020

This week, I'm sharing with you the Winter Solstice Special from my other podcast, The Camille Conte Show. It's a lovely hour of music, poetry and history. May you take a moment today to be still, appreciate the beauty of the seasons, the turning of the wheel as the Pagans say, and perform some personal ritual or ceremony that connects you to your Sacred Self. Peace, CC

A New Big Beginning is Upon Us - Episode 30

A New Big Beginning is Upon Us - Episode 30

December 14, 2020

We've got a new moon coupled with a full solar eclipse today, yet another celestial event happening in what is being named "A Divine December." But what does it all mean to us as we go about our lives during these times of tremendous Change? I've spent all day steeping myself in the silence so I could feel into what this opportunity is all about. Turns out, it's a gift that we're being given from Life itself. In this episode, I explore the opportunity that is being presented to us this day, this month and how it is that we can receive what we have always been worthy of. I came to the microphone today lit up from deep within so what you're about to hear is a high vibration frequency sure to tune you up and turn you on to all that is being offered to us today. As the great song sings, "People get ready. There's a train comin' and you don't need no ticket. You just get on board!"  Next stop: Freedom!  Enjoy. 

The Deconstruction of the Old World Order - Episode 29

The Deconstruction of the Old World Order - Episode 29

December 7, 2020

The deconstruction of the old world order. What does that mean for us if we were a part of that order?

How do we handle the complete falling away of the day-to-day structures that governed our sense of self and the life that we live?

How do we handle the assault on our senses as we are bombarded with betrayal, injustice, outrage, death, grief and loss?

When clinging to the old and denial of the new doesn't work, how do we adjust to change we didn't ask for?

How do we deal with our addiction and attachment to order and control when it falls away and we can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again?

How do we surrender to uncertainty?

How do we trust the unknown?

This week's episode touches on many of the uncertainties and questions that are overwhelming us as we continue to grapple with this pandemic. Enjoy

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