The Confusion Experiment

The Findings - #14 We’ve got to do the turnaround.

June 21, 2020

We have to turn away from the world of effects, the headlines, what doesn’t feed us and what makes us heavy, and turn towards what makes us feel better. Here’s what I’ve learned – life is mostly a vibrational thing and it’s pretty awesome. We’re here to feel good. When I look at the headlines, I don’t feel good. So what am I going to do? Am I going to take my precious, creative, never-been-here-before moment and react to something that’s already done? How does my emotional reaction change a headline? Better to ask, “What’s mine to do?” and put your creative energy towards being a solution versus a reaction.

One of the things I learned in meditation is that I want to be right on the edge of the problem. If I’m in the problem, I can’t be a place for the solution to come through me. I can’t be the solution if I’m in the problem. So I want to be right on the edge so that I can still see the problem but I’m not necessarily absorbed by it or taken down by it. This is the new place for us to be: outside of the problem just enough to understand it,  to ride the edge of what’s happening so as to be a vessel through which a solution can come.

Yes, these things that are happening in our world hurt. It’s crazy the depth of poverty, oppression and violence that fills our lives. But crazy is not going to fix crazy. Love will fix it. The heart will fix it. Peace will fix it. Harmony will fix it. You’re not going to get your answers from “out there.”  You’ll get it from inside you, from your heart, from the One that knows.

From the book, "The Confusion Experiment." 

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