The Confusion Experiment

The Findings - #17 The New Design for Living.

June 21, 2020

The world as we know is collapsing.  It’s part of our natural evolution and necessary for what is coming. However, for many it’s terrifying. We’re here inside this time of massive change and people are freaking out. We’re turning around and saying to each other, “Who’s got the instructions? I’m getting fired, this is ending, this is happening; how do I do this? Somebody give me the instructions!”

The problem with the old way is that it doesn’t give you the instructions for the new way because the old way doesn’t even know it’s dying. Besides, it couldn’t give you the right instructions for the new way even if it wanted to because it doesn’t have them. The new infrastructure is being built from the inside out. The new design for living is within us. We have everything we need.

From the book, "The Confusion Experiment."

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