The Confusion Experiment

Confusion is a High State of Consciousness - Episode 22

July 6, 2020

Confusion often gets a bad reputation for being a negative experience and is seen as a sign that you're lost or worse, don't know what you're doing or where you're going. But The Confusion Experiment reveals to us that chaos and confusion are actually high states of consciousness when you understand what is actually going on during these times of upheaval. 

In this episode we explore the messy, sacredness of confusion as a time of tremendous potency and possibility and why we don't want to rush through such a moment as this though the mind can't wait to get out of it! That's because confusion is the antithesis to what keeps the mind calm which is knowing and knowing is not one of the qualities of confusion. That doesn't make it less valuable it just makes it different. Once we align ourselves with what is really going on during times of confusion and chaos, we can slow down a bit and look around so as to gather up the fertile seeds that are scattered about. 

We also talk about the pushback that we experience outside and inside of ourselves when we're in times of Change, why that's so and what we can do with all these "little deaths" we're experiencing. The take away from this week's time in the laboratory of life is to:

1. Meet your confusion with compassion. It's your mind that's having a hard time.

2. Redefine your own confusion and see it as a high state of consciousness and of tremendous value.

3. Remind yourself that chaos and confusion hold the seeds of the new. You just have to look for them.

4. Lean into those activities or practices that keep you centered and feeling light.

5. Remember to practice flexibility.

Enjoy this week's show!

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