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July 13, 2020

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The Podcast: The Confusion Experiment podcast is a weekly show that digs deeper into the main themes and topics of the book. We'll discuss how the mind works and why it's so obsessed with knowing, the power of uncertainty, how loving our confusion can lead us to more clarity, how our thoughts create decision paralysis and how to get unstuck, the importance of knowing the difference between our mind and our heart, why we resist change and so much more. Plus, we'll discuss what it's going to take to create this new normal and why we must see ourselves as the architects of this unprecedented opportunity.  

How it Begins: The podcast begins with a three part mini-series entitled, "The Findings" in which we’ll explore the experiment's eighteen nuggets of insight gleamed from meditating for one hour everyday for 100 days. The first week it's "Debunking the Myths of Meditation." In week two, the findings take us on the journey, "From the Head to the Heart - Going from Knowing to Feeling." These seven findings lay bare why things are they way there are these days and how the heart has the answer. Lastly, in week three, it's "The New Design for Living" in which I'll share with you some of the key ingredients necessary for the new normal. You can "like," "share," and "download" each episode which helps a tremendously when you launch a new podcast. Thank you for your support. 

The education here is tremendous and offers all of us tips and strategies that can help make life a little less confusing and who doesn't want a little bit of that right about now. With all the chaos and change happening, consider this a crash course in the new design for living. Time to start falling in love with our confusion so we can experience a little more clarity. Thanks for joining me in the laboratory of life. Let’s begin.

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