The Confusion Experiment

The Findings - #11 The mind has taken us collectively as far as we can go.

June 21, 2020

Do you know what I’m saying? We’re seeing it in our everyday living.  The mind has run its course as the tool for our evolution. It’s not the mind that’s going to take us to the next place. It’s the heart. That’s why I’m so excited that you’re here and you’re reading this. This is about you making the choice to open your heart a little bit more today, tonight and tomorrow. It’s about listening to your heart, getting familiar with its language and trusting its guidance. 

Here’s why that’s important. We’ve effectively cut the heart out of the equation as well as the value that instinct and intuition bring in balancing how we know. Instead, our model of success is what you know and who you know. Knowing, that’s success, and knowing leads to clarity, another seemingly important piece to happiness. You already know how I feel about clarity! No wonder I felt like I was a failure in these last three years.  I can see this so clearly now. I thought I didn’t know but really, I didn’t know that I knew! Now, I know that I know. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take a course and learn something from someone else however my new method is to first turn within and ask. That process acknowledges that there is something beyond my own thinking mind that knows and I can communicate with It, and It with me. We are the guru we’ve been looking for.


From the book, "The Confusion Experiment."

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